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“What’s that thing? A horse?” David tried to wave the creature away.


Her fur was white with some beige spots, but they couldn’t tell much because of the lack of lighting. She has long mane, and her front was exposed, showing a pair of unnaturally erotic perky breasts — which are even bigger than Pammy’s. If it were not for the fact that she’s a horse, he would have thought he’d hit that.


“David, let’s get out of here— Wait, are you ogling at that thing? David, I can’t believe you! Let’s go!” Pammy cried out loud.


Meanwhile, their reaction toward his appearance was still unregistered by the boy himself though.


Suddenly, Daniel let out a series of coughing, before his throat was finally cleared.


“Guys, it’s me, Daniel. Why are you guys acting this way?”


Unbeknown to the boy himself, he had been running off on all fours, yet he couldn’t even feel an unnatural strain on his body. When he tried to stand up this time, the boy finally managed to do so. Though when he looked down upon himself, he saw some strange things.


His hands . . . They were gone, and instead were replaced by what seemed to be horse heels. Pale blonde locks were subtracting the corners of his vision, and when he looked further down, he could see to perfectly perky mounds of breasts in the color of white sitting at the top of his exposed ribcage. What . . . the . . . heck . . . .


And now it was his turn to freak out.


From the distance, Gassan and Jake could hear another blood curdling scream from the distance, this time even much louder than the ones before, originating from the direction where they came from.


“What’s going on?” Gassan asked.


“I don’t know. Maybe the guys found something. Let’s investigate,” Jake said, sounding much more enthusiastic.


Written by Stella Purple on 15 May 2017


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