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“Woah, what is this? I can’t believe it! A unicorn! Where did she come from?” Jake, like David, was also staring lustfully at Daniel.


“Guys, it’s me,” the feminine voice that came out of her snout is lovely, not belonging to the poor boy at all. “I didn’t know what happened. Some glasses fell near me, and the next thing I knew, I turned into this.”


“Wait, Daniel, is that guy?” Gassan asked, liking surprised.


“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you guys.”


“Wait, Daniel? How come you just turned into a horse? And why is it possible that you have bigger boobs than me?” now it was Pammy’s turn to interrogate him— er, her, her tone sounding jealous.


“I told you, I don’t know. It must have been from something I found at the old lab. How could you even say that? Guys, I’m telling you, I’m freaking out over here, and I haven’t even got a clue of how to turn myself back. Am I gonna stuck like this forever? Am I?”


“Let’s inspect the lab you found. Maybe we might get a clue there or something,” Gassan suggested. “Come on, Jake.”


“What? No way! Why would you want to turn your body back to your old boring self?” Ouch! Burn. “The you right now is much more interesting,” Jake said with a disturbing grin plastered on his face, his eyes hungry, unable to stop himself from taking in Daniel’s new appearance.


“Enough of that, Jake. Our friend is in trouble. We should help him.”


Jake suddenly turned angry. “No, you back off! I don’t want to, and what are you going to do about it? Force me? You’re not the boss of me!”


Gassan glared at the other guy in annoyance, before backing off.


“Come on,” the Lebanese told Daniel instead, in which the unicorn followed.


The rest comes following.


Written by Stella Purple on 20 May 2017

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