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“I don’t believe your bullcrap for even a moment, Daniel. You know what, I think you did this on purpose,” Pammy accuses pointedly.


“What? Why would you say something like that?” His new feminine voice cracks when he speaks.


“I mean, look at you. The guys all can’t stop drooling on you. It’s obvious that you’re doing this to yourself so that you’ll get all of the attention.”


“That’s crazy. You make no sense! I don’t want to get attention, especially not from men. It was an accident, I didn’t know what I saw doing. I was tripping and falling, and the next thing I knew, I knocked those glasses down and got turned into this.” Daniel tried to desperately to explain, but even the guys start to look at him doubtfully.


“Bullcrap!” she spat at the boy, before turning to her left. “I’m right, right, David?”


David was too busy ogling at Daniel’s new body, part estranged part enthralled, before finally realizing that the girl next to him was asking him a question. “Ah, eh, yeah?” he muttered unsurely, which Pammy blindly took as an approval.


“What? It’s not true, I’m telling you guys!” Daniel cried out, but his voice annoyingly stayed sounding like a whimpering, helpless girl. Whatever type of freak show he had been turned into, he wasn’t asking for it. But the way it made every bit of his action turned distorted was annoying the heck out of him. The words that came out from his mount made it sound like he was not telling the true, that he was faking it this entirely time, which frustratingly only proved Pammy’s accusation even more.

Written by Stella Purple on 25 May 2017


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