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When Daniel sneezed, the sound that came out from him even sounded so ladylike, it gave him the chills. He used to be such a loud and messy sneezer, but the motion only let out a small whimpering, almost like a little bird’s.


Unexpectedly, Jake held out his jacket for Daniel for wear immediately after, and the former boy simply stared at the other guy in disbelieve.


“You’re cold. Take it.”


Well, that was unusual. Jake wasn’t usually this nice to people, especially not to someone like Daniel.


“T-thanks,” the female unicorn muttered carefully, and in return Jake sent him a charming smile. It was unexpected, but Daniel thought that it was nice of him.


Meanwhile, the others were looking jealously at how the two interact. Pammy, for having been used to get all the male attentions to herself. David, for not understanding why he felt this strange fascination toward the bodacious female. Gassan, more out of concerned than anything else (or maybe that’s just what he’d like others to believe?).


Daniel fastened the jacket around his new body, the material tightening closely around him. Thankfully, he still has his pants on, although the clothes felt tight on his body. It did not matter. There were other things he should be in concern with, namely his questionable fate.


Written by Stella Purple on 29 May 2017

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