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It was so easy to forget you once where human, these memories felt like a fading dream that with every passing moment seemed more ludicrous and distant.


How could you have walked in two legs and not have scales to protect your frail body? How could you have survived without the instincts you now possessed.


Exploring deeper into the ruins you find a temple, strangely untouched by the local flora and unnervingly intact. It was definitely old, older even than all the ruins that surrounded it. The smooth walls of the circular building were marked with graffiti in a thousand different tongues warning any traveler to keep their distance and a few goblin totems built out of skulls hang in front of them.


You couldn’t resist, because who wouldn’t at least peek inside of such a forbidden place.


The circular room felt cold as you glanced inside, breathing in the old smells of decay and incense. The place was obviously evil, the white walls were decorated with bodies from several species, desiccated and pinned against the walls with dark iron spears, very classy in a disturbing way. In the center of the room stood a raised altar of white stone and beyond it four stained-glass windows depicting creatures rising out of the pits of the hell and dragging humans down with them.


“You smell of old magic,” the stranger steps out of nowhere into the room with relaxed, uncaring steps. “I can work with that.”


You took a step back, but the Predator lowered his head and readied to attack. The stranger wasn’t human, that was obvious, his skin was a deep red, with dark, hardened spots, his eyes were an eerily glowing red that seemed to look beyond you and into your soul. He wore no clothes, but a crude armor of iron that in points seemed bolted to his flesh without causing him any pain or discomfort. He walked in goat hooves and a long and spiked tail lashed behind.

Written by Ashley Natter on 29 April 2021

The end (for now)
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