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“Why all that aggressivity, we are just talking here, aren’t we?” He spoke in a strangely soft and fluent voice that doesn’t seem to come from his mouth filled with sharp and long fangs. “Come on, don’t need to be afraid, let’s just have a friendly conversation.”


“Who are you?” You asked, finding it hard to take your eyes out of the demonic creature, almost entrancing.


“Baltor, demon of…” he starts talking, but trails off. “Well, who I am is not really that important really. What’s really important here is what I can do for you?”


The demon called Baltor stared at your eyes, the kind of smile in his lips that you never would want to see from a demon. He measured you like a butcher measured a cow going into the slaughterhouse.


“Let’s see… So much is obscured, but Human, right?” The demon examines your head more closely, while the Predator hissed and bared his fangs. “Quiet now, the adults are talking.”


You nodded slowly.


“Great! So why don’t we come to a deal, human? I can see this was not your original shape, what happened? Some curse or maybe you ate the wrong fruit?”


You tried to answer, but he doesn’t seem interested.


“It doesn’t matter really; humans’ bodies and souls are so pliable. It’s not a surprise you people always seem to end up in situations like this. What matters is that I can rid you of this terrible curse! It’s so easy for a creature like me to simply undo this great evil, all that I would need is some… Compensation.”

Written by Ashley Natter on 19 May 2021

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