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Only the desperate or the idiots made deals with the devils, everyone knows that! So, which are you? Are you just dumb or maybe desperate enough to want to return to your old, boring life because the next thing you say is:


“What compensation?”


The demon smiled, because he knew that he had you entranced by this opportunity now.


“Nothing too big, especially for a strong fellow like you,” he gesticulated as if trying to find the words.


“My soul?” You offered, like a complete idiot. Never offer your soul to a demon, goddamn!


He faked a hearty laughter. “Not this time, what I need of you is to destroy this temple. Just get your claws at it and start smashing and cutting until no stone remains unturned.”


You could do it, easily even. You pressed a claw to the wall and know that with your strength breaking down those walls will barely be a half day of work.


And you fucking know that this will free the demon. Are you really ready to release a demon into the world just to go back walking on two legs and drinking cheap ale in the tavern?


“You can see it? Don’t you?” The demon whispered. “They are waiting for you with the table set and a warm pot of tea on the stove.”


And you really could picture it in your mind, the lazy afternoon after a long day when you could just enjoy the sunset with some warm tea. Sitting on the table to eat using forks and knives, and having a friendly conversation with other travelers around a nice fireplace and a glass of rum.


“Exactly!” The demon said as if he could see your thoughts. “Never having to worry about monster hunters coming for you in the middle of the night!”


It weighs upon you, all those memories struggling to be understood by your new conscience and trying to reach a decision that could simply undo all of you.


Fortunately, you don’t have to make this choice for now.


“Beast! Beast!” One of the warrior goblins woke you up from your human dreams, speaking his quick, clicking language that now came easier to your tongue. “Lickwounds is in trouble, come!”


Your heads perked up when he said Lickwounds’ name, because maybe you are willing to release a demon, but you are definitely going to save the nice healer that took care of you and led the charge that saved your life.


“Come back, you overdeveloped gecko!” The demon still screamed, unable of moving out of the temple.

Written by Ashley Natter on 31 May 2021

The end (for now)
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