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The leader of the mysterious men looked up from his computer at Daniel, and he signalled to the one holding the briefcase, who set the case down and began to open it. Daniel strained from the floor where he was lying to see its contents, but couldn´t. If only he could move...


He suddenly realized that it was exactly like in his dreams. Cold sweat covered his back and Daniel fought the stillness. His eyes fell on the cell phone lying right next to him. The screen was still on and Daniel could read the time on it.


It was midnight.


A hand in a plastic glove reached to touch his neck and Daniel moved his eyes to the mirror, where he could see a man squatting behind him. It was the one with the gun and when he pulled his hand away, Daniel could see a small dart which he was holding.


They drugged me! he realized and a wave of panic crushed over him. This wasn´t a dream anymore. It was midnight and They were right here, while he was paralyzed with God-knows-what and utterly helpless.


The leader knelt down too and he looked directly into Daniel´s eyes in the mirror. His cold, serious face terrified Daniel.


“Begin the phase 3,” the man said to his colleague with the briefcase.


What? Why 3? Daniel thought in panic. What were phases 1 and 2? The dreams?


“Roger, sir.”


The other man leant over his briefcase and took something out of it. Daniel´s eyes widened in horror, when he saw a large syringe full of glowing green liquid. He tried to move, to escape, but his body was completely still. He couldn´t do anything but watch when the stranger carefully injected the vein at his temple and pushed the eerie green liquid into Daniel´s system.

Written by lulu-illussions on 26 February 2017


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