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Daniel sat up on his bed, gripping the bed sheets so hard that they tore. His heart was racing and for a moment, he was totally disoriented. He tried to jump up and run, but he got tangled into the covers and fell out of the bed instead.


Confused, Daniel looked around, but it seemed that he was back in his own bedroom. He felt like crying with relief. So the midnight adventure was just a dream again. Terrible nightmare, but only a nightmare.


Still trembling, Daniel tried to stand up, but he lost the balance again and fell to his side. He shook his head and supported himself with his hands, but what leant on the floor in front of him weren´t hands, but paws. Daniel stared at them in disbelief and slowly looked up to see that the yellow paws were connected to his own shoulders, which were covered in feathers.

Written by lulu-illussions on 01 March 2017


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