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What? he tried to say, but only a weird chirping sound came out. Shaking his head, Daniel crawled towards the bathroom. The door was luckily open and he managed to reach the mirror with only some difficulties. He had to sit up and lean his paws on the sink to look into the mirror and what he saw almost made him faint.


From the mirror, a huge eagle was staring back with panicked golden eyes. The paws looked feline and so did whole his body except of the eagle head and wings folded on his back.






Daniel fell backwards and hit his head on the bathtub. He chirped again and tried to sit up. This weird body wasn´t completely obeying him, or maybe he just didn´t know how to control all those new parts of it.


It didn´t make any sense. Even if the dream was real and he was actually abducted by those mysterious scientists in the old complex, it didn´t explain how he turned to this… this thing. Daniel was completely confused and he began panicking. What exactly happened during the night? If the men were real, then so was the glowing green syringe. But no matter what was inside, it couldn´t turn him to this, whatever it was.


But what was it?

Written by lulu-illussions on 12 March 2017


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