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Dan Bolted upright as her alarm suddenly awoke her from the weird dream, well, she tried to bolt up, but what actually happened was the mass of her tauric body, lying sideways in her oversized bed, pulled her back to the soft covers.


Her breasts bounced as she fell back and she let out a noise that was half cry of surprise, half aroused moan. “A…Am I still dreaming?” she asked softly, trying to collect her wits.


She lay there for a few moments just taking in her room. Wait. This…wasn’t her room, it was her sister’s room. Dan’s sister was a few years older and had moved into her own place last summer. Dan had discussed moving his stuff in here since the room was larger but in the end, decided he couldn’t be bothered.


“C’mon Danny” Came a loud clear voice from outside his door “Pammy and Jake are going to be here soon to take you shopping”


Take her shopping? And since when did her mother call her Danny? She grumbled and climbed out of bed, trying to ignore the sensations as her many breasts bounced beneath her. Her covers felt a little weird under her paws, they seemed to be made of a slightly rubberised substance that was resistant to her claws.


She took a moment to examine her room. The bed was the largest she had ever seen, it was longer than normal as if it had specifically been designed for her new form. A wardrobe and a chest of drawers sat next to her computer desk which was fully set up, ready to go. She could see her ‘ideas’ notepad which she normally took everywhere with her, sitting next to it.


All of her books had been brought through. A couple of movie posters adorned the walls which she had liked while younger but had recently been starting to feel, made her room look too childish. All of her sister’s furniture had been removed from the room with the exception of her large dressing table. It was old, but well maintained with a large ornate mirror. Normally it had been covered with perfumes, cosmetics and jewellery boxes but those were all missing apart from a single, old felt covered box, which on flipping open, contained a few old pieces of jewellery, her sister must have left behind.


She stared in the mirror. She appeared exactly as she had in the dream. Same snowy white and midnight black fur. Same silky, wavy hair. Same enormous, slightly bloated tauric body. Same chest full of boobs…


She saw the door swing open in the mirror and her mother enter the room “C’mon Honey, you need to get ready. I know you are proud of your new chest but you need to at least throw on a T-shirt!”


She gave a small, pleasant laugh and walked up behind him, wrapping her arms around Dan’s shocked form in an affectionate motherly hug. “I am so proud of you Danny. We will always love you no matter what.”


Dan didn’t know what to say, so she just stood there, staring at her reflection.


Eventually, the hug ended and Dan’s mother took a step back swatting her butt “But, really, love or not, you need to get some clothes for your new body.” She turned pausing at the door “They will be here soon, pull a shirt on”

Written by foxyscribe on 21 May 2017

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