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Dan sighed slightly, this was all so weird. Why did her mother not find it strange she was a skunk? Or a girl? Or in her sisters room!


She decided that the best thing to do, was to just go with the flow for now. She could ask Jake and Pammy some questions, maybe they would remember last night and have some answers. She blinked for a second and shivered, wait, weren’t they the ones responsible? Maybe she didn’t want to ask them.


She grabbed a simple polo shirt from her drawer and tried to pull it on. It did not fit at all. She could barely get it over the first set of boobs, let alone the other two. Damn, this could be a problem. She searched through her drawers looking for something larger and eventually found a shirt she had bought during a metal phase for some band, whose logo was so distorted, she couldn’t actually read it. At the time, they only had extra-large sizes left and it had hung down well past his hips. Now, it still left the creamy white underside of her lowest pair of boobs visible but it was the best option she had.


She went to grab some underwear and pants but suddenly realised it would be rather futile. Looking down in embarrassment, she reached a hand between her legs, wondering how she would hide her new feminine mound. Wait…it wasn’t there! It was just smooth, creamy fur.


She slapped herself on the forehead. It was at the back obviously. She spent a moment considering her options; would she even be expected to wear anything down there? That was, of course, if everyone didn’t just freak out at the giant skunk but her mother had reacted as if it was normal, maybe everyone else would too. She tentatively moved do the door and called out “Uhm, I’ve got a shirt but what should I do about pants and shoes?”


Her mother’s voice called back “Oh, don’t worry about shoes. We made sure your paws would be able to cope without them and as for pants, just keep your tail down dear. You will be fine”


She blushed brightly, keep her tail down, really?


The doorbell went and Dan gave up, heading into the airy hall. She took a quick glance into what should have been her room and found it to be largely packed up, some of her stuff still sitting in boxes.


She sighed and moved to the door, opening it to reveal an excited looking Pammy.


“You did it! You really did it!”


Squealing, she piled into Dan for a tight hug “You look so great Danny, I’m so happy you made the plunge!” she stepped back smiling, her heels clicking on the paving stones. Dan watched as Pammy’s line of sight lowered down to her chest. She frowned, raising a hand to her cheek “Oh wow, you went big huh? Much bigger than mine…” she gave her a slightly wistful look as she sucked on her finger “I can’t believe Danny has bigger boobs than me”


Jake was standing next to her, staring at Danny, almost drooling, while Pam had been talking “Not just bigger boobs” he said “look at her, she is perfect!”


Pammy gave him an annoyed look “You would say that, you’re a Furry”


Jake gave her a small grin “Oh is someone jealous of Danny’s new fluffy form? Are you starting to realise I was right all along, when I said furry girls are the best?”


Pammy just blushed and folded her arms “S…Shut up”


Jake laughed, giving Dan a winning smile “Ignore her, she is just jealous. We should ditch Pam and get lunch, id treat you real good Danny, Worship that wonderful tail of yours!”


Pammy gave a snorting laugh “You’re such a pervert Jake, Danny has only just completed her change. Let her get used to it before you start hitting on her. Besides” she sniffs, picking at Danny’s shirt “This will not do”

Written by foxyscribe on 25 May 2017

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