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You dismiss the idea, instead deciding to let him lead you to your other new partner. On your way out, Kaito calls to you.


"Hey, nice meeting you! Be careful, and get back to me safe; I need some more leather!"


You wave to him shyly, trotting after Duncan and looking up to him worriedly. The anger that had entered his gaze has passed, and you breathe a sigh of relief at that. You don't
know why, but the sight of him so angry was... Unsettling.


It's almost a relief as you head into the bar, only to be greeted by a zoo of animals. It's a little like a cantina scene from another world's movie, and you feel a little taken aback by it all. Then Duncan loudly roars, turning all heads to you.


"New blood! Get your ass out here!"


To your surprise, a donkey-centaur clops out to greet you. She's less furry than the others here, and her upper half could almost pass for a woman were it not for her donkey ears.


"You know, these things ain't just for show." She calls, pointing up to the twitching appendages.


"And you know I never get tired of using the a-word around you." Duncan growls contentedly, looking down to you. "Mephy, I'd like you to meet Assy."


You blink in surprise, looking from him to the centauress to see if he's joking. Her arms remain folded and she openly glowers at him, snorting with disdain.


"Like I said, not the most fortunate of names." Duncan laughs, only to yowl as she rears onto her back hooves, kicking him square in the chest with her forehooves. The hit sends him staggering back, and you notice that her hooves have left a definite imprint on his leather armor.


"Oh, look. I found the new girl a quest. Ain't I a good barkeep?" Assy drawls, looking to you with a frown."Though judging from your name, I take it you're also shorted by the system?"


You wonder if you should be friendly to her or not for a moment. After all, she did just attack your Guide. Then again, she's also supposed to be your new partner...

Written by SketchySeraph on 25 May 2016

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