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"You got it." You chuckle, still sparing a glance back to Duncan despite your attempts to get on Assy's good side.


"Don't worry about him, he'll be back up for the next newbie after a bit of R&R. Speaking of, you should get some grub!" She points you to a table that seems to have been designed for taurs, complete with a large plush cushion atop a bench instead of a traditional chair.


You sit and wait for a moment as she clops to the kitchen, only to return with a plate of vegetables and a couple things that look like scallops.


Curious, you try the latter first, chomping down only for your eyes to widen. It's good! You hurriedly spear a few more with your fork, popping them into your mouth and chewing contentedly. You didn't really feel hungry before, but that doesn't change the fact that the food tastes good.


It's a warm, moist nugget of meat held within a crunchy shell that would almost seem fried on were it not so thick. Instead, it's like biting into something candied, complete with a neatly juicy reward. You gulp them down along with your salad, licking your lips clean with a happy smile.


"That was incredible! What was it?" You ask, tilting your head slightly as you ask the question.


"Sliced millipede larvae. And a side of salad." Assy grins as you blanch.


"Wait, are you serious?" You gulp, not feeling nauseous, but also not feeling entirely healthy either. "This is... Bugs?"


"Well, you are a skunk now. Mostly." The centauress leans towards you conspiratorially, her eyes twinkling. "And that means you need to eat like one."


"N-not exactly." A wheezed male voice sounds from your left, and you turn to find Duncan staggering back in. "You don't need to eat; though it certainly improves how effective you are in a day..." He pulls up a chair and falls into it, groaning.


Assy slaps him on the back, hard enough to elicit another groan. "Plus it also heals you right up! Which is why this lug here's gonna get a nice salmon filet... Though good food isn't cheap."


"Does that include mine?" You can't help but ask, gulping anxiously as the donkey-girl turns to you with a grin.


"You, actually, get to eat free... As long as you do some work for me, after all." She beams, reaching into her cleavage to pull out a map. As she hands it to you, you see that it's not only of the local area, but there's even a bunch of clearly marked out animals on the page.


"Far as we can tell, none of the players here are wildlife. Which means it's fine for you to get to work, right?"


"Um... Work?" You ask, a little anxious. "Don't I need a little more of a briefing?" You look to Duncan for help, but he's solidly unconscious at the moment.


"That's if you want to be boring. After all, you can either talk all day, or you can find me some meat! How about that?"

Written by SketchySeraph on 26 May 2016

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