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"But you failed," emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"But you failed,” you could see it in front of your eyes, knowledge that seemed to spread beyond the normal boundaries of human understanding. “In the end, you couldn’t control them, your dreams were shattered in a summer night.”
"So, that’s what happened?” He asked without thinking.
You could see it now, the very lines of reality spreading through many dimensions. "The ritual was successful, but not for you. Never for you."
"Never?" He said with quiet rage.
"You don't understand the forces you are trying to control."
“That may be true,” he stabs his pencil towards you. “But this time I have an ace in my sleeve. I had expected to have the power of the sphinx for myself, but I can work with you, once you are under my control I’ll use your ability to see beyond time to secure my victory.”
The hair at the nape of your neck stood on end, your tail lashes about anxiously, and the temperature in the room seemed to chill.
The bell rang and Konnor was on his feet, making his way toward the door.
"Wait," you called out. He didn't turn. "Excuse me!" He was through the door. "Konnor!"

Written by ashley-natter on 25 July 2019

Both Chase Him

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