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He dropped to all fours, starting to skulk through the bushes as the veil of night encompassed him. His maw salivated, eyes narrowing in the dark to see pitch-perfectly, as he found said boar in a clearing; alone, and gorging itself primarily on some berries that fell. The bestial pig was large, much bigger than the ones he’d see on farms with friends. Its snout was adorned with hulking, golden yellow tusks, matted and messy brown fur with beady red eyes, and its maw was filled with sharpened teeth as well, telling Jake that this creature was both a scavenger, and a hunter…it excited him to no avail; thrilling him to his very core. He dragged his hand across the ground, leaving deep lines in it, maw twitching as he unwittingly let out a demented hiss. His legs tensed up, back arching, as he exploded from his hiding spot, maw open and claws outstretched as his body put itself into auto-pilot, like how it did whenever he was walking from place to place and occupied with something else. The boar didn’t even stand a chance; the obsidian talons sank into its furred neck and Jake wrenched it to the ground, claws lashing out as his maw bit down on its neck, holding it still as its squeals went from furious ones, to panicked, and then soon, silence…the boar was dead, and Jake started to gorge himself; his claws tore away parts of its hide and pelt as he ripped into its tendons with his maw. Blood coated his maw as he devoured the pig’s meat, feeling satisfaction in the act; unbridled joy and happiness at the act of hunting, and ending a life, and then finally consuming it to grow stronger. It was intoxicating…it was overpowering…it was…


…it wasn’t him.


Jake dropped a piece of meat and hesitantly backed away from the overturned boar, clutching his maw and trying his best not to upchuck the meal he just ate. He’d never gazed upon an animal’s corpse before yet here one was; ripped apart and mangled by his scale covered hands as if it were second nature!


Something was happening to him; something was corrupting and marring his very mind and sanity. He couldn’t let it do so; he knew he needed to eat but…not like this. He was a person; not a feral animal, despite what his body said. Thus, Jake stepped away from the corpse, and started to move…he ate enough during his ravenous feast. He could go a bit with the energy provided until he discovered a means to get home and a means to undo his transformation and to allow him to return to his time and his form.


Surely, he could not hope to remain as he was. He wasn’t sure how long he could stave off these sudden, intrusive thoughts; these base impulses that commanded him to do things he had never hoped to do before in his life.


Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 19 November 2017


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