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Night became day, and Jake found himself transitioning from a dense forest, to a dank swamp. He fought the urge to groan and complain as he walked through the shin deep brown water, trying his best not to think about what dwelled within, though thankfully, the bugs didn’t seem to want to bite and attack him for food and blood. Perhaps being a Lizardman could aid in some situations…still, the sun rose in the distance, and Jake realized he had been traveling the entire night without pause.


His new body required less sleep, thankfully. It meant he could spend more time traveling and more time getting answers for why he was like this.


A stench pierced his nose, among the chorus of other scents that the swamp contained. It smelt rough and rank; the air present in gyms typically after a heated workout session. This attracted his attention, and Jake started to move, eventually coming to dry soil, and seeing a scene before him.


Men dressed in fur and cloth armors, wielding axes and other weapons, were jabbering and yelling at one another, arguing over, from what he could see, were bags filled with something shiny and golden…treasure. He thought on it and got the idea they were possibly just marauders; bandits who made a big score and were now deciding on who got what and how to divide up the fortune.


Jake mentally mocked himself for thinking in such fantastical ways…still…he thought about it. They could provide answers…or they could try to kill him, as those other guys did.

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 21 November 2017

The end (for now)

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