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Before you can catch him however all of you are called towards a small clearing in the middle of a park. You recognize the place easily, you used to pass by it everyday coming back from school, but with you new senses you immediately notices dozens of details you had never noticed before. The most obvious is the flaming pentagram right in the middle.


The other creatures seem to be converging towards it and the more you look the more creatures you begin to notice. From all over the place you seem the gallant Unicorns and the mischievous Nightmares, at least two big manticores seems to half-fly and half-run around trough the buildings on the park. Two long sea serpents emerge from the small lake in the middle of the park and slither in the direction of the strange event.


The biggest of them all are the dragons. They fly sluggish, but they have a royal aura about them. The moonlight shine on their lustrous scales and you quickly notice that their scales are still intact. Just like you they must have been just changed.


You graciously land on the clearing in front of the strange pentagram and anxiously wait to what is going to happen. The other male gryphon sits right next to you. Without even thinking you get closer to him andput your head on his shoulder. He looks surprised at first, but seems to like it.


Then, to your complete surprise and astonishment, Konnor Lowell appears in the middle of the flaming pentagram.


“Welcome one, welcome all!” He proclaims. “Don’t be shy, come closer, this is a magnificent moment! Look at all of you, such an amazing group!”


He looks around, getting his time to see and quickly talk with each group of creatures.


“Gryphons!” He says when he comes next to you and the other gryphon. “Such amazing predators, that’s brilliant! And a male and a female! Oh this is simply brilliant!”


He proceeds around praising every species with great enthusiasm and seemingly infinite energy, his movements exaggerated and almost cartoony.


He eventually returns to the circle. When he speaks again his voices booms, amplified by subtle enchantments.


“I know you must be asking yourselves what happened and more important: How that handsome Grand-Wizard become real!”


He stops for a moment as if waiting a round of applause, but considering that most of you don’t have hands it becomes a long and awkward silence.

Written by Ashley-natter on 11 February 2017

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