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He then proceeded to explain that the cycle had finally turned; He knew the Change had come at last, and magic was returning to our world.


For a thousand years and more magic had been fading, withering, dying, but now the gates were open once more. Wonderful and wild magic was spilling out into our boring and mundane reality.


All that magic, and no one who knew how to use it!


He became the first one to crack the code, to discover the hidden knowledge on the ancient tomes and combined them with the processing power of modern computers. He knew that sooner or later others would come to the same knowledge, so he needed an army.


But! Guns and bullets were of little use against powerful wizards, so he would need to recruit powerful and mystical creatures to do his bidding. It was a shame when he discovered that no such creature seemed to have survived the thousand years of fading! But he had discovered an ancient and powerful spell that could bring back those creature to life through an human sacrifice.


He tweaked the spell a bit to remove the need of a sacrifice, changing the human into the creature instead. However he would need a great number of voluntaries, people that would agree to forgo their humanity in exchange for a new shape.


He had pondered for a long time about how to find these rare and valuable candidates. He moment of biggest brilliance came just as he was ready to discard the idea: A game! He used his magical powers to create a game that could work to select valuable candidates and when the moment was right to transfer the spell through their computers.


“Magnificent don’t you all agree?” He concluded and once again seemed to be waiting for a round of applauses.


“So, what we should do now?” You manage to ask. You know you should feel angry at being manipulated by what appear to be some poor illusionist that lucked out in the greatest power of all.


“Isn’t it obvious?” He says. “You are my army and the entire world will be my kingdom!”


He pulled a long wand from his jacket and with a simple swing from it he created for himself a golden crown. Another simple gesture and his clothes turned into a shining armor embellished with precious gems and eldritch runes.

Written by Ashley-natter on 19 February 2017

"Wait, you really expect us to conquer the world in your name?"

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