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"Wait, you really expect us to conquer the world in your name?" emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

“Wait, you really expect us to conquer the world in your name?” You ask confused.


“Of course, my little birdie. I gave all of you astonishing bodies and shackled your minds to my direct control…”


He suddenly stopped and hit his face with his free hand.


“Dammit! I knew I had forgotten something important! I completely forgot to add the mind control portion of the spell!”


He pulls a long book out of nowhere and begin to look around it.


“If you all could just wait a moment…” He tries to say, but before he could even finish the sentence you hit him with a powerful punch, surprised with your new strength.


He still tries to grab hold of his wand, but one of the unicorns dashes forward and grabs the thing in her mouth. He begins the movements to summon other just as one of the sea serpents try to grab him.


He teleport away from it, but ends up just in the reach of the majestic dragons. The magician unleashes a flurry of thunder against the scaled beasts to get himself some time.

Written by Ashley-natter on 27 February 2017

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