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Daniel was horrified. For a second, he couldn´t speak or move. He touched himself, struggling to reach for something that evidently wasn´t there. He stared at his groin for a good two minutes, desperately trying to make sense of it all. Not only was he unable to find the genitals he was born with, but everything seemed to be covered by a dense layer of orange fur.


He closed his eyes and moved towards the sink while mumbling under his voice:


"This is a dream, this is a dream, this is a dream, this is a dream."


Once there, he soaked his hands in water and practically slapped himself in the face. Facing the mirror, he slowly started to open his eyes. And there it was, something so inconceivably unreal that Daniel couldn´t help but to take a few steps back and lay on the wall behind him. He could still see himself clearly, a couple of wet whiskers in a protuberant muzzle, a pair of deep green eyes, and two small black ears, very much like those of a cat, coming out of his fur covered skull. Deep inside, he was hoping to snap back to reality in any second, but when he realized he could move those small cat ears at will, everything became just way too real.


He wanted to scream, but at that point it seemed quite useless. He stood back up again and, out of curiosity more than anything, disrobed completely. The shower screens were made up of reflective glass, so he got a chance to take a good look at his new body. Everything was completely covered in orange fur, with black stripes all over his back, legs, arms and face. A long and fluffy tail that he hadn´t noticed before extended out of his tailbone. He was as tall as before, and besides his feline head and tail, the rest of his body pretty much resembled that of a human. Not any human though... The hourglass shape of his anatomy and the two humble breasts that protruded from his chest were unfaltering female, that and, of course, the fact that he was missing the essential parts that once made him a boy.
Daniel was mesmerized by his own image, slowly exploring his new shapes with a sense of absolute wonder. But then another knock on the door came in and broke his dreamlike state.


"Danielle, honey, is everything ok?" Said Daniel´s mother from the hallway. The bathroom door still closed.
"Oh, shit..." Said Daniel under his breath.


"Honey, what are you doing?"


"N-Nothing mom! I´ll be out in a minute!"


"Alright honey. Don´t forget to dry your tail if you took a bath!"


"My ta- Sure mom..."


A truckload of questions swarmed Daniel´s head. How did she know about the tail? Why wasn´t she freaking out? Did she just called him "Danielle"? All that uncertainty coupled with the sheer madness of the situation would have sent anyone else to the psych-ward. But Daniel managed to keep it together. Hastily, he put his pants and shirt back on and opened the bathroom door. After taking a couple of deep breaths to calm himself down, he made his way downstairs, unsure of what would happen.


"Your mom made chicken lasagna. I know you like the beef one better, but she says the store had ran out of beef." Came his father nonchalantly as Daniel shyly took a sit on the table.


"I don´t need you to make up excuses for me Robert! Besides, she likes chicken too. Isn´t that right honey?"


Daniel took a couple of seconds before realizing his mother was talking to him.


"Heh... yeah, sure. Chicken is fine".


"See? Now eat up before it goes cold! Oh, and honey, I love your fur today. It looks wonderful. Did you use that new shampoo I got you?" Said Daniel´s mother as she served the food.


"T- Thanks mom. I don´t know, maybe..."


Daniel was still trying to get in terms with the fact that his parents were not even slightly concerned by his transformation. As a matter of fact, it would appear as if he had always been like that.


"Well, you better use it. It´s supposed to make your fur shinier!"


"Yes mom..." Came Daniel under his breath.


"By the way, I got the bug spray you asked me for a couple of days ago. They only had the big bottle, but you can share it with your friends".


Daniel nodded without taking his eyes off his plate. In a way, he still feared that if he looked up, everyone would see the animal he had turn into and act accordingly. Still, everything was just... normal.


Daniel finished his meal and went back upstairs. An aura of sheer fantasy still surrounded the whole situation. He sat on his desk in silence, doing absolutely nothing for more time that he would have cared to admit.

Written by crimsonstar on 25 February 2016


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