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Feeling the panic rise up inside him, Daniel was quick to get up from his desk. He felt himself begin to shake, swallowing nervously as he paced the room - only to veer sharply to the nearest mirror, staring at himself in disbelief. He - or rather, she - raised a paw to her face and rubbed frantically at her eyes, wondering if this was all just some crazy nightmare. There’s no way this was real; she had to be dreaming! She wasn’t a tiger, she was a human; but yet, the visual in the mirror proved otherwise. She stood with digitigrade legs in her usual clothes a casual but comfy t-shirt and jeans. But, her body was that of a feline; a gorgeous tigress, with orange and white fur, black stripes streaking across the fluffy pelt and along her face. The fur was quite smooth and would’ve been soft to the touch, had she run her fingers through it. Each pitch black stripe ran across her face, arms, and rest of her body with perfect symmetry - contrasting beautifully with the bright, orange fur covering her from head to toe. At the top of her head were two small, rounded ears that twitched occasionally, picking up just about any sound. Her eyes were a beautiful golden color, piercing and standing out from her already bright pelt. Daniel’s snout was marked with a dark black nose at the very tip, capable of catching and identifying most scents, even some humans couldn’t, with absurdly long white whiskers poking out from either side.


Growing more and more uneasy, Daniel shifted nervously in front of the mirror and stared at herself in distress, feeling her breathing beginning to get a little heavier and quicker as the panic trickled through her. This seriously couldn’t be happening. It was a dream; yeah, it totally had to be. Just a dream, and he’d wake up in the morning like nothing happened and be back to normal! Or rather, that was what Daniel kept telling herself over and over again. Biting her lip, Daniel let his gaze drift to the bottom of the mirror where she saw the visual of a long, striped tail swishing back and forth behind her; long, furry, and swishy. The tail was thin, not quite fluffy; but looked just as soft as the rest of her bright orange and black-striped pelt. Her throat felt dry and she was admittedly starting to feel a wee bit nauseous, but who could blame her?

Written by Jasondicks on 22 September 2019

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