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The Renamon's let out a raspy breath as her eyes rolled back into place. All at once her knees buckled, and she collapsed to the floor a panting, tangled mess of fur. The light of the machine died down leaving only the faint glow of her digivice screen and flashlights.


"Denise?" Jake dropped his flashlight and rushed to her side. Hands gently gripped the fur of her shoulders helping the exhausted creature sit up. "H-hey, you okay? What did that thing scramble in your data?"


"..wha?" she responded in a drained tone, almost uninterested in Jake's urgency.


Her eyes blinked at Jake out of sync while the new 'operating system' slowly brought her thoughts back around into cognitive function. Bit by bit her mind took in the data of her senses; sight, sound, smell. They all helped her at reconnecting them with fresh knowledge installed in the proper places.


Who was this strange human practically cuddling her?




Yeah! Jake was a friend. Or was he something else? She felt like their relationship had upgraded from friends in some way. Hell, they had known each other all the way from grade school.


And who was she again? He had called her Denise. Was that her name?


Of course, it was! Denise had only been called that by her loving adoptive parents all her life. Ugh! How much of a jolt had that stupid device jammed into her? Even pumping weights for a day had never left her this tired.


Written by DesmondFallout on 13 November 2018


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