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"Hey!?" Jake shook Denise a little harder with how unresponsively lost in thought she was. That got a bit of life back into her blank, expressionless stare, and he sighed in relief. "Oh good! For a second I thought you went completely blank. MPH?"


Denise responded by grabbing Jake's shirt to pull him in for a kiss. It took a second to get the angling right around her muzzle, but Jake sure did not need an invitation to suck on her lips. They had only been sharing saliva for years now. Although, this time she just teased him for a few seconds before giving his chest a hard shove back.


"I'm fine, ya dork!" Denise rose back onto her paws, dusting her skirt before retrieving the digivice from that weird machine. "Going to take more than some junky ex-military hardware to fry this sexy package."


"They'd need a tank just to get you worked up," Jake agreed, hugging her from behind. He felt the fuzzy larger girl shiver and suddenly had to help support her with the gesture. "You sure you're okay? You look exhausted."


"Just winded, hun. I'll be fine." Denise rubbed her head with her free hand. "I guess it's weird. Ever had a very vivid dream only to suddenly wake up and forget all about it?"




"I dunno, it's something like that." Denise sighed and leaned back a bit, letting Jake support more of her weight. This was mostly as a troll maneuver. Hearing the flimsy human groan trying to support her fit and lithe frame got a devious grin on her muzzle. "Felt like I was experiencing something vital and now I just...don't know, forgot. That might be what it meant by defragmenting my data."


"It's probably not important then." Jake used his hold around Denise's waist to give her belly fur a few gentle rubs. That got the wild Renamon purring fast, with tail thumping between his legs. The little rewards were always worth their mutual teasing. "Though maybe a quick romp on the couch might help jog some memories, eh?"


"Oh my gosh, Jake! Seriously?" Denise giggled despite trying to put on her scolding face. "Did you even bring a condom?"


The rubbings stopped in an abrupt pause. ""


"Well, then get your mitts off me and beat one out in a corner. I ain't going to homecoming carrying an egg." Denise pried her boyfriend's hands from her waist, making a show of sashaying to the door. Having big hips was one thing, but the effect drove a furry like Jake crazy with a tail on top. "Meet me in the next building when you're done. I wanna find this lab before I'm covered in dust."


The fact he did not follow right away made Denise wonder if he actually did want to do the dead. A disturbing thought to linger on as she pocketed her digivice once more.


Stepping outside however made it easy to forget. Gentle winds washed through Denise's fur and hair making her gasp in the rush of pleasure. Oh goodness, the sun felt so warm out today. She had no idea why every little thing tickled her so. It like she was experiencing it for the first time.


Granted this was a place the gang had yet to explore. And daylight was burning, so Denise savored one more breath of sweet air before getting back to it. This dare was not going to finish itself. She had a reputation as the schools only Digimon student to uphold.


Written by DesmondFallout on 15 November 2018

The end (for now)

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