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Once you willingly surrender yourself to the female leopard’s will, she doesn’t waste time in lifting your body to a stand, sharply crouching on all fours and prepare to take off.


You can feel your body jerking into a tense strain as she inhales deep, trying to drink in the intruding scent as much as possible like it is fresh water and she has been thirsty for years. She didn’t exist up until the point that you put on this suit, yet she acted as if she had own this body since the start, crouching on all four and wagging your tail excitedly, moving as naturally as any ordinary leopard can be. There’s this sudden heavy dose of animalistic tendency that’s just oozing off from her side, trying to influence you into abiding her will, too. There’s no denying her dominance in this relationship, and very soon you find yourself becoming the passenger of your own body, with her being in complete control.


And once she starts running, she can not be stopped. You watch as everything blur around you as she moves your body according to her desire, turning left and right with such fluid motion, so fast that you find your heart beating rapidly out of fear that she’d hit something for maneuvering so abundantly quick like this.


It takes no more than a handful of seconds before she finds the exit to this room you’re currently on. And once she does, you suddenly find yourself seeing a blur of colors ranging from white to gold, hints of luxury items overtaking your surrounding. You have no idea how you manage to end up in this place. The leopard takes you past a series of hallway that feels more like an endless path of maze, taking so many twists and turns that your mind can barely keep up on where she’s actually going. If she decides to abandon you suddenly, there’s no way you’d be able to trace your way back on your own. That is just how intricately confusing the corridor maze is.

Written by Stella Purple on 14 September 2017

Stranger Danger

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