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The female leopard abruptly come to a stop when you spot a figure perching on top of a grand staircase. Suddenly you find yourself standing in the middle of a large foyer. You look up, and sure enough, you find the source her interest.


It’s a snow leopard, with fur so slick and eyes so keen that it makes you want to take a step back. Instead of following your natural instinct, the female in you wishes to come closer and approach him instead. She can tell right away that the snow leopard a male, and he wants to mate with you as much as she wants to. The trouble is, you don’t know how to feel about abiding this. The concept is so foreign to a man like you, and more so because you don’t really swing that way.


You can hear the snow leopard purring though, calling you, the sound drawing you in to approach him. The effect of his presence is so delectable that it makes your body quivers in response. He has this mysterious wavelength that hits you just at the right spot. What should you do? If you’re not careful, he might just be tempted to tear you up in half. The question is, in what way exactly? The logical you wants to run away from fear of safety, but the needy wants to follow the female leopard’s natural instinct….


Written by Stella Purple on 16 September 2017

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