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You continue to see it’s one of the family taurs from earlier, upon squinting your eye, your pupils adjusted to the dim light of the catacombs underneath the palace. You struggle to see who exactly it is, though based on their small stature, you almost immediately assume that the figure is your brother. His slim slender figure stood there in the middle of the doorway, his shoulders barely filled the empty spaces between the doorframe.


“Hey sis.” A high pitched familiar voice rang out from the darkness, further confirming your assumption. “What are you doing down here?” his voice ringing out was calm and quiet as it echoed through the dark tunnels beneath the palace. “What are you doing down here?” The prince’s high pitched voice rang out through the empty tunnels, he fidgeted with his hands in front of himself, as he lowered his eyes, trying not to make contact fully.


“Just thought I’d come for a little look around.” you told him, smiling politely. He gives you a curious stare before shrugging you off. The young prince couldn’t help but think to himself how weird you had always behaved, though he didn’t pay it much mind as the two of you began to pace alongside each other as you chatted.


“You know, I was actually wondering if you could help me out with something.” He said, looking up to you, his dark hair almost seemed to shine a pale blue against his bone white stripes. “It’s just awfully boring around this place sometimes… You know that. Right? You’ve seen it yourself.” you could feel the tension building up as he continued to explain his situation to you. The only other sound that could be heard for miles down the dark winding tunnels were their slow and rhythmic footsteps.
“What was it that you needed Brother?” You had replied, your head tilted slightly as you pretended to be more curious about his problems than you already are. He looks to you one last time, this time around with a newfound expression of excitement spread across his face.


“Hey! You’re the best, okay well I bet you’re wondering where I’m taking you right?” He said, with a newfound spring to his step. He spoke to you quietly as the two of you continued deeper into the caverns.

Written by Driftingdragon on 22 March 2020

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