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The two of you discussed an ‘alternate’ career path. With the desires to break away from the traditional prince or princess story trope, you and your sibling decided to forge your own paths against the will of the kingdom. The two of you returned to the surface giddier than ever, having spent most of the night discussing your plan. The two of you were so consumed that even the royal ball that night couldn’t contain your collective excitement.


Dipping into the family fund, the two of you invested in an RV, fit for a special type of chemistry you and your brother decided to delve into. With your vague knowledge of chemical compositions and mathematics, you struggle through producing top quality product, though you still were able to hold your own against the cripplingly competitive market.


Over the years you and your brother perfect your formula and begin to sell your goods in large bulks. Together your products dominated the entire market! Collectively your company grew and inflated into a monopoly- one of the biggest chain superpowers that sold your type of products. A rare oddity, the sensory and quality the two of you brought together, over the span of thirty years was enough to fully repay any deficit owed by the crown.


Though things were going well, you and your brother were both growing apart in your wants and needs in the company. Trying not to butt heads often, the two of you couldn’t seem to work together the way you could have before. As things came to a head, you both decided ‘this was enough’ and that something must be done.

Written by Driftingdragon on 23 March 2020

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