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“Oh yeah” you said aloud. “Incriminating evidence.” you covered your face with your shirt and destroyed the three sets of cameras pointed directly at the front door. “That way, they won’t know which way I went.
Continuing as planned, you were now able to more comfortably navigate the building, knowing that they at least didn’t know which way you went. Good thing you noticed earlier, instead of playing dumb and assuming the best. “When does that ever work out?” you huffed at yourself. With a deep breath, you continued on.
It took a moment for you to decide where you were going to go, but you knew the clock was constantly ticking. The anxiety was real, and you almost couldn’t make up your mind about where you could be the safest. You entered the building and were presented with two signs. “Bunker” and “Stairwell”. The expression on your face became distorted and confused, furrowing your brow in ponderence.

Written by Driftingdragon on 05 January 2021

Both Stairwell

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