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You sketch out the basic outline of the griffon and once the tail is inked you feel the tail form ou your actual body
You try to stop the inking but the pen starts to move by itself. Each individual feather inked out is another feather that appears on your back. The feathers grow longer and thicker until they cover your entire back.


The pen moves to the hind feet and starts to ink the talons. You feet burst out of your shoes as they change as well. Your toenails growing out and harder. They grow out into small but sharp talons.
And the pen moves to your thighs now...your legs start to burn horribly. It feels like they are on fire. You stand up and try to stop the pain...but it only gets worse. You start to scream as your legs start to burn even more. The burning is moving upwards...they are burning so hot you can't even touch them.
The burning is at your knees now...your legs are transforming into those of a griffon. The burning is at your thighs. You find it hard to breath as your torso starts to burn. You scream out in pain as the transformation continues.You fall onto your hands as your body reshapes into a quadruped stance.
The burning is at your chest now...a burning pain from your lungs. You can't breath in this you don't. You just let your body succumb to the painful burning sensation as the pen moves to your arms.
The burning starts to go away as new sensations take over. There is a tingling sensation that feels weird. You find your arms shrinking and feathers covering them. The tingling moves to your hands as they slowly turn into talons.
Your arms are transformed into the front legs of a griffon and the burning has stopped. You take a deep breath and flex your new wings.
The pen finishes the sketch by outlining the face of the griffon. Your actual face is changing with each stroke of the pen. Your mouth and nose grow into a large beak as your eyes move closer together. They turn from blue to a much darker shade.
The sketch is finished and the pen drops out of the air.
You stare at yourself in the are now a real griffon.
You try and pick up the pen but your talons are not flexible enough. You try and speak but only bird noises come out. You can't really think in a rational manner either...everything is focused around survival and eating.
You decide to do what you were meant to do. You spread your wings and take off into the sky


You soar through the air and marvel at the view from above. The shield is stopping you from going too high, but you can still see along the coast. You swoop down towards the beach and feel the wind rush through your feathers. This is freedom. This is what it feels like to be truly free.
You fly around the island for the entire day, not wanting this feeling to end.
As the sun sets you notice the other humans trying to set up a camp. They seem confused and poorly organized. They are used to living in houses and sleeping on beds, not trying to survive in the wild.
You land a short distance away from the camp and quickly try and think of a way you could help them.

Written by Ai Dungeon on 06 March 2021

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