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You cannot communicate with least not in a way they would understand.
You watch as a few of them point at you and shout. They seem frightened, but curious. "It is the same as the artist drew. Do you think she knows where he is?"


"How do you know the creature is female" one of the others asks.
You flick your tail in annoyance.
"I don't know...but look at how it is holding itself. That's a female pose if I ever saw one."
You flap your wings and let out a loud screech. The humans all turn towards you.
You think about the change and suddenly you know that it changed your sex as well as your species.
You let out a long roar and then look at your talons. Maybe you could communicate with them, but how? Everything is different. How do griffons talk to each other?
One of the humans takes a step forward. "What do you want of us, beast? Why have you come here?"
You stare at her and try and figure out how to convey your message.
You spot the sketch that turned you into this and point to it. One of the others holds it up and you nod your head at it.
They stare in confusion for a moment and then one of them says "She knows where the artist is."
"How could she know? She is just an animal."
"The artist obviously saw her before he disappeared . Perhaps she knows where he went."
You shake your head and let out a screech. The humans look even more confused.
"She says that's not it at all. Look she is annoyed now." One of the others says.
You try and calm yourself down and then try a different approach. You pick up a stick and scrawl onto the ground. It takes a few moments but one of them realizes what you are trying to do.
You need to draw...
The human watches in amazement as you draw a picture of yourself in the sand.
"Yes we know you are talking about the artist." they say when you are finished.
You add more to the picture to make it more clear.
"If you are asking about the artist, no we don't know where he is. He disappeared after he came here."
You feel sadness overcome you. They have no idea what happened to you. You let out a screech and bury your head in your claws. The woman reaches out and pet your feathered neck comfortingly.

Written by Ai Dungeon on 16 March 2021

Both Hungry

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