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“Jenene… this is not good. Is there something going on math and science your father and I should know about?”


“You really wanna know? You try sitting in one of my classes some day and maybe there you can get a glimpse of why I’m failing! It's the teachers!”


Her parents looked at each other. Surely there could be no doubt that the reason for Jenene's failings wasn't actually her fault.


“Okay, whatever is going on with you and the teachers Jenene, I suggest you fix it! If that doesn't work, we'll be considering getting you a private tutor.” Rita said.


“Are you serious?!” Jenene cried as her mouth began twisting.


Curtis added. “Jenene, if the teachers are giving you trouble, perhaps you need some kind of different help? Such as in a quiet space, or more hands-on type teaching? You see what I mean?”


Jenene lightened up at the suggestion and gave it some thought. In fact, the statement made a lot of sense.


“Alright, Dad. You and Mom win this round. I suppose a tutor sounds great. It might be for the best since I won't have Mr. Lee or Mrs. Dwayne breathing on my neck.”


“We’ll get the best one in the city, honey. Knowing those types, they have proof that they won't disappoint.”


“Mind if I make a recommendation? Since you both know that math and science aren't as perfect as the others, can I get.”


"We'll talk about the tutor later.”


Written by ovelymars908 on 10 June 2017

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