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Jenene got ready for school the next morning, taking a deep breath as she was about to endure another stressful day with her high-maintenance algebra and chemistry teachers. The sooner they find that tutor, the better. Her parents already left for work once she locked the house door before walking the single mile to her school. While she was entering the school, Sasha was already there and was more than eager to know what happened yesterday.


“Jenene, hey!”


“Morning, Sasha. If you’re wanting to know what went down yesterday, my parents are hiring a tutor for me.”


“Oh. It sounds like it wasn’t as bad as I thought.”


“Nope, I told them about the problem with the teachers.”


“Oh,” Sasha said as if she seen this scenario before. “Now I get it. Mr. Lee and Mrs. Dwayne are hounding you for no apparent reason.”


“I haven’t told them everything, but Lee and Dwayne made it abundantly clear they don’t like me. All because I’m not doing what they want me to do like the rest of class.”


“I seriously dread the parent-teacher conference for you.”


“Not until that tutor comes, then we won't have to worry.”


Right after class, Jenene and her parents spent the whole Friday evening looking for tutors in their area. Eventually, they found the number and website of one man who was categorized as the number one tutor from a public database that was listed them. Reading the qualifications Jenene was pleased that the chosen tutor was adept in math and science!


To further lighten Jenene's mood, Mr. Clancy Horne was more than nice sounding on the phone. He was clear, fluent and seemed very excited to work with Jenene.


Written by ovelymars908 on 15 June 2017

Mr. Clancy Horne

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