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That Monday morning Jenene walked to her locker to get her supplies for math class when she met up with Sasha.


“Hey, Jenene. Have you found your tutor yet?”


“Glad you asked! We found one and he’s known to be the best tutor in the area.”


“That’s great to hear! What's his name?”


“A Mr. Clancy Horne. I have to go to his house right after school. It's not too far from here.”




Once the bell rang for dismissal later that day, Jenene wasted no time leaving the school and walking to the home of her new tutor. The girl had to travel within the neighborhood, but that led Jenene into some of the obscured parts of the area she never stepped foot in. Upon entering the vicinity, Jenene was almost shocked seeing rundown and decimated homes. The place just exuded a... unwelcomed presence.


Jenene felt the need for a quick checkup of her location, so she glanced at her phone for the address: 10076 West Trelawney St. Looking at the street sign, Jenene almost cringed that she was going in the right direction. Because she was almost willing to turn back.


Just keep going….


The tanned girl held on to her backpack and hastened her pace.


Written by ovelymars908 on 21 June 2017


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