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The girl walked for another seven minutes while paying special to the addresses until she found the one that was indeed Mr. Horne's house. The place was a beautiful Victorian-style home with a modern undertone with it, but for such an upper-middle-class house, it looked less than average in the home maintenance department.


Jenene lightened her expression as the man was reading the newspaper on his patio while pet parakeets were singing to him.


“Excuse me. Are you Mr. Horne?”


The man with glasses looked up at here. “You must be Jenene Pierce! Welcome! Are you ready to get started?”


“Yes, please.”


Jenene figured the man seemed nice. And admittedly he was attractive. Tall, somewhat toned, square jawline, and slick black hair. All that unease soon dissolved in the back of Jennie's mind and entered the home.




The interior of Mr. Horne’s house was a strange compliment to the exterior. Wild was the best word to describe it. It had a strange outdoor smell Jenene couldn't recognize what it was. The place was somewhat dark with its dark yellow and brown walls, and it looked liked an animal or avian taxidermy museum. Portraits depicting different kinds of birds decorated the walls, accompanying by colorful feathers stitched into picture frames.


A shrill bird cry of a parakeet came from another room.


“Wow, you are a bird owner!”


“Excuse them, the birds are quite chatty. I'll go and quiet them. After that, we'll start.”


Jenene nodded and went to her seat and unloaded her supplies.


Written by ovelymars908 on 26 June 2017


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