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“Um. Th-thanks.”


Aria giggled. “I don’t know what it is, but the fact you’re a man who smells so… deliciously feminine… It’s quite appealing.” She eyed him for a moment before using the same tail she’d touched his cheek with to point. “Come with me, Daniel. I can show you more about this new power, and you can tell me how you came to get it. I’ll do the same.”


“Sure,” Daniel said, trying his best to fight the blush off.


Aria turned away from him and began moving, and Daniel followed, feeling incredibly curious about this woman, and about this whole kitsune ordeal.


“So, tell me, Daniel,” Aria said. “When did you gain this gift?”


“Um, tonight,” Daniel admitted.


Aria stopped dead in her tracks and turned to stare at him. “Tonight? Really, now?”


“Yeah,” Daniel said. “I woke up and saw this pair of glowing eyes in my room, which turned out to be a kitsune. And she told me about… well, she didn’t tell me much other than saying she wanted to merge with me.” He shrugged. “I don’t really know why, still. I’m not that interesting. And I think part of me is still convinced this is all just a crazy dream.”


Kura snorted in his head. “Keep telling yourself that, Daniel. It won’t make it any truer, but if it helps your sanity…”


Aria stared at him with an oddly bemused expression. “Huh.”


Daniel shifted somewhat. He’d rub his neck, if he could. “What about you?”


“I gained this gift two years ago,” Aria said. Her shock seemed to wear off then and she smiled at him. “I’ve been reveling in the life of a kitsune-blessed person since then.” She started to move again, using one tail to gesture Daniel to follow once more. “I must admit, I’m fascinated. It isn’t often I come across a male kitsune, but it’s even rarer to come across a man who has bonded with a female kitsune. What made you choose that?”


“No reason, really,” Daniel said. “I didn’t… think about it that way.”


Aria peered at him over her shoulder. “You’re a curious one, Daniel.”


Daniel didn’t really know how to respond to that.


“Why did you become a kitsune?” Daniel asked.


Aria started to increase her speed to a casual trot, and Daniel sped up to better match her speed. He didn’t fail to notice how she truly appeared to glide across the ground when he paid attention to her legs, her feet, and her movement. The way she moved was so nimble, and almost… majestic, he supposed.

Written by Hollowpages on 19 September 2019


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