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“Because I was bored with my life,” Aria replied. “I wasn’t doing anything worth my time, and while I tried my best to better myself, I just wasn’t happy.” Her voice was softer now. “Then Shina came along. She appeared to me in a dream one night, speaking to me. She started to appear regularly in my dreams for about two months before she manifested in my room for real.”


Daniel blinked. Dream? Was that a power kitsune had?


Kura shifted somewhat in his mind. “Well, yes. Technically, yes. I, er… I could’ve done that with you, but, I have always preferred the direct approach.”


“Thanks,” Daniel muttered. Scare him half to death, then make him choose all of this with no time to think it over.


“I-I would’ve given you time!” Kura said, her tone a bit defensive. Then, more sheepishly. “I’m sorry, Daniel. I didn’t think about how putting you on the spot might effect your ability to decide.”


Daniel didn’t answer.


“Speaking to your partner, yes?” Aria asked. She chuckled. “A word of advice: you can speak to her in your mind. You don’t need to say the words out loud to answer or ask; best you learn to do that sooner rather than later. Trust me, it’s easy to forget that people aren’t aware there’s another being inside of you.”


“Oh.” Daniel felt a bit embarrassed. “Yeah, uh. Good point. You were saying?”


“Once Shina offered me a chance at something bigger, I accepted,” Aria said. “After the initial ‘holy shit, there’s a kitsune and it’s talking to me’ moment was over, of course.” She snickered. “And I haven’t looked back since.”


“Have you been a kitsune since then?” Daniel asked. “Like, only in this body?”


“Oh, no,” Aria said. “I spent a few weeks as purely a kitsune, yes, but I shifted back to my human form, and still do. Shina was insistent I do this,” her tone was sarcastic, “in part because she wanted to experience all the normal, boring things of my human life. But, I admit, having her in me, in my head… it made things… better.”


Silence fell. Daniel pondered her words. “How so?”

Written by Hollowpages on 20 September 2019


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