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By the time you emerge from the seemingly lifeless jungle, and out onto a grassy plain, your stomach is killing you. It is making you panic, because you don’t want to end up dying of hunger out here.


Then, your plush, furry foot, which had long since burst through your boot leaving the leather remains behind, bumps into something. Looking down, your eyes widen, as you see a rabbit there, minding its own business (though it moves away in fright when your foot nudged it).


It isn’t typical tiger fare, but your mouth drools. Hell, a human would eat a rabbit usually…


Licking your lips, you starting edging towards the little creature, like some kind of other self was taking over, when suddenly, someone stops you. Or rather, something, if anthropomorphic creatures can’t be counted as humans.
At first you didn’t recognize this half-wolf half-man, but when he speaks, you realize that it is one of the other contestants. Ry.


“Ry?” You stare, and his wolfish eyes widen.

Written by vanillametal on 09 February 2016

Both Strange reunion

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