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“Wait…uh-“ Ry snaps his furry, clawed fingers, as he tried to recall who you are. He probably couldn’t even have recognized you in human form, that is how forgettable you were
“Eric. Y’know…I work in sales.” You try to jog his memory, and he eventually recognizes you, clasping his hands together.


“Oh, Eric, right.” He chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck. You have a chance while he thinks of the right thing, to study his features. His previously masculine body has taken on a female form, like your own. A snout is poking out from the front of his face, and he too has the fur and ears to match. You remember him saying that he was a furry fan, so…this was probably a dream come true for him.


“Can you believe this!?” Ry spins around, showing off his fluffy tail which just about smacks you in the face. You wriggle your small nose, and watch as he faced you again. “It’s amazing. I was just drawing an anthro wolf, when a bolt of lightning came out of nowhere and burned the page. Next thing I knew, I was turning into…well…” he, or she, looks down at himself. “This…”

Written by vanillametal on 10 February 2016

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