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“And what about you?” Ry asks.


You rub your furry arm, and try to explain it as best as you can. “Well I went into the jungle, and the heat made me thirsty. I stopped at a pool of water to have a drink, but it tasted strange. I can only assume it was what caused my…transformation…”


“You look really cool though.” Ry circles around you. It was kind of awkward, thinking that she may actually find you attractive in this form. “I’ve drawn a few tigresses in my time, but seeing one in the flesh is amazing…”
“Well…you too, you look very interesting…” You glance at her awkwardly, feeling a heat rise in your face from how she is ogling you.


“I was pretty surprised to see it myself. The transformation…was a strange feeling.” You hold up your paw before your face, examining it, and poking the soft pads on the palm of it. “I keep wishing this was a dream, but it feels too real to be…”
Ry looks outraged. “Why on earth would you wish this to be a dream!? It’s easily the coolest thing to EVER happen to anyone!”
“Maybe for you, but not for me.” You respond quickly, starting to walk away from her. “I just want a peaceful life.”


“Wait, where are you going?” She asks.

Written by vanillametal on 11 February 2016

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