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“To find the others.” You say, glancing over your shoulder at her, tail swishing. You are never going to get anywhere with solving this problem if you don’t start taking steps to change it. First of all though, you need to find the other participants, and see if they are in the same situation. Maybe one of them might have a solution.


If anything, it will at least be a comfort to be surrounded by those who can relate to your condition…


“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, Eric!” Ry is quick to hurry after you. “I heard noises on my way here. Strange, feral sounds, and I swore I saw some kind of creature through the trees. It’s getting dark…we should stay here and make a camp in this clearing…”


You look up at the sky. Sure enough, it is taking on a dark orange tinge. Night will fall soon, and though the weather will bring a refreshing chill, the risks would be more likely. Who knew what might emerge once the moon did?


“Fine.” You decide to just give in, and Ry looks much happier for it. “But what are we going to do about food? That rabbit already got away from me when you interfered.”
Ry smirked, and from the bag she carries, pulls out a pair of silver-scaled fish. “There’s a small lake nearby, just beyond these trees-“ she points behind her, “-it won’t take long to reach it.”


You are just a tad hesitant. Water sounded good…but would it be contaminated like that pool from before? Maybe it would even cure you…


You can only hope…

Written by vanillametal on 12 February 2016

Both Head to the lake

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