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It is a short trek to the lake, just like Ry said. When you arrive, you are relieved to see the pure, clear water. Though you aren’t about to be fooled again. While she crouched beside it and sips a little from her cupped hands, you hang back.


“What’s the matter?” She looks round at you in confusion. “It’s clean, y’know.”
You bite your lip, just about piercing it with your new set of fangs, but you walk over anyway, the dry feeling in your throat too strong to ignore. You kneel on the edge of the bank, and fill your palm with some water.


Drinking it, you are relieved to taste normal, cold water, and you take several more drinks before sitting back and pulling out your own bag. You have no food in it except for a pack of gum, and that isn’t exactly edible. Thankfully, you do remember how to make a fire from when you were in Scouts as a kid, and then you and Ry work on roasting the fish over it.


“We maybe could have eaten them raw. Y’know, since we’re kind of animals now…” Ry comments, as she pulls one of the skewers off the fire and bites into the fish, but almost spits it out with how it burns her tongue. “OW!”
You chuckle just a little, but it is hard to laugh at all. Even with some food in your belly, and company to comfort you, you are still wishing that you could go back to the time before you got yourself into this wretched mess.


As you lay down to sleep under the stars, you are overwhelmed with uneasy feelings…

Written by vanillametal on 13 February 2016

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