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Well, isn't this something. Of all of the choices you had, you came back to Metal Sonic. He's been a favourite of yours for some time, and you probably jumped at the chance to get to be him.
You don't get much time to think about your decision, though; the changes are starting!
You can feel it as it happens; your eyes and ears distorting and moving, your nose forming into a smaller, tubular shape.
Then, you notice something blue on your arm, accompanied by an itching sensation as it spreads over your body. It spreads out to cover your back, your legs, your head, leaving bald patches around your mouth and chest.
As you start to lose your height, you feel the blue coating; it's not metal, but fur.
"Fur?! But... I wanted to be Metal Sonic," you say to yourself.
The last changes are finishing; your new tail, your animal-like ears, and spines have almost taken shape. You sigh, feeling a bit let down that you didn't become what you expected. At least---
A violent shiver shoots down your spine, and you start to feel a pain in your skull like someone is taking a jackhammer into your brain.
You yelp in pain as a flash of pale green light envelops you.
Then, there is nothing but pain.
You feel as though your flesh is being ripped from your bones. In a frenzy, you try to struggle, trying to find some way out of this madness; the pain only worsens. The natural warmth of your body is stripped away and replaced by a hard, alien cold that chills you to the core.
Then, you hear a voice in your head, a hundred times above the agony. The voice is cold and monotone; it sounds like a synthesised computer voice. With every word it speaks, louder and louder, the pain slowly fades away.
You are floating in nothingness. Everything is black. You feel nothing.

Written by Punchmaster on 06 November 2009

Waking up...

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