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Waking up... star star star halfstar emptystar

There is nothing but darkness.
Usually, if it were this dark, you'd feel cold. But you feel nothing. You cannot move, you cannot breathe, you cannot speak, or hear, or feel anything.
Absolute nothingness.
There is a light.
A small, dim light, but it seems much brighter in the perpetual darkness. Slowly, it grows larger... no, it's moving toward you...
It is black again. Not the "nothingness" dark from before, but the familiar, cold dark that you feel at night when all the lights are out.
Was it all just... a dream?
A small, red line appears in the corner of your eye.
Like a computer screen, words appear before your eyes:
<i>What...?! What's going on?!</i>
You open your eyes.
For a split second, everything is white as your eyes adjust to the lighting. Slowly, everything fades back into focus...
Everything is red. You can make out that you are in a room with a long desk of some sort on the opposite side, but everything you see has a light red tint to it. There are words popping up in front of your eyes, pointing to everything in the room. You try to reach out and grab them from the air, but your arms are stiff and don't respond. You try to move your legs, but realize that you cannot. You are completely paralysed, unable to move anything.
There is a man coming into the room. You can't explain it, but before the door opens, before you even hear the footsteps outside, you know that they are coming. They walk into the room from a door behind you; you can't turn around to see who it its.
"Ah, I see that you are finally awake," he says. His voice is haughty and tipped with a slight European accent. "You must be confused as to what you're doing here, right?"
You try to answer, but you cannot speak.
"I'd assume you would be. I'll not keep you in the dark. You are here for one purpose, and one purpose only: to lend your services to me, your master."
<i>My what?!</i>
"You are the end product of my latest experimentations with Mobian-based robots; aka, the 'Metallix'. My first few attempts failed miserably, with the first three models being destroyed within only hours of their activation. I've taken much more precaution with you, however.
"You are much better-equipped than the first models. Your speed is nearly equivalent to that of your counterpart, and you can endure much more than the others could."
The man finally steps out from behind you, into your view. He is very oddly-shaped; his body is round and egg-like in form, with long, thin arms and legs. He wears a rather flamboyant, tailed coat and black pants. An oddly stylish pair of goggles cling to his bald head, with darkly-tinted glasses obscuring your view of his eyes. A wide, haphazardly-trimmed moustache stretches across his face.
"Now then, my brilliant creation. You will serve only me, Doctor Ivo Robotnik, your new master..."

Written by Punchmaster on 06 November 2009

The end (for now)

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