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When she awoke she was clothed once more. She was wearing a simple hospital gown with an ID bracelet tight against her wrist. Now that she felt far more awake and alert than before she looked around her surroundings. She could have sworn that she was in some kind of cell, but now it looked as if she were in a hospital room of sorts. A quick glance down at her bracelet revealed the name “Jane Fox”, a common placeholder name for unidentified people or dead bodies. Well, at least the Jane part was, the Fox was something else entirely. If she didn’t remember being a man she’d have probably assumed that was just her name.


Once she had made sure there were no IVs or anything in her arms she stood up. Her feet felt odd with an odd amount of traction with the floor that normal human feet just don’t have. She turned her feet over and noticed rough pads had begun to grow out of her feet.


“Weird,” she mused to herself, her voice having long since defaulted to a feminine pitch.


“I’m sure you have a lot of questions,” said a male voice. “I’ll do the best I can to answer them for you.”


“Jane” looked over to the source of the voice, finding a middle aged man clad in a lab coat that felt ever so slightly familiar to her. “Hello,” she said with a curt wave, “what am I doing here?”


“You were a volunteer for a specialized program,” explained the doctor as he approached her, “one that required the removal of your personal memories. I’d ask you if that rings any bells, but it obviously will not.”

Written by Kolaghan on 10 May 2018

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