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You figured it’d be significantly easier to fly on your own. The idea actually seemed to excite you. Remembering the rush you felt as your body fell through the air, confident that your body alone was enough to keep you from careening into the ground to a horrible death. You’ve done it before, so why not be able to do it again?
“Sure” You agreed. “As long as I don’t have to carry anyone again anytime soon.” You poked fun at Casey for a moment, barely noticeable to the others. “I’ll do a quick swoop from here to the structure and take note of whatever significant landmarks may be needed.”
“Thanks soldier.” Duke returned. “You’ll be a big help for us on this mission.” Despite that being exactly what you wanted, there was something weird about the way the leader almost demanded it of you.
“I guess he’s the true leader here.” You thought to yourself as you wondered if it was just a force of habit. “It’s in his blood, afterall.” you remembered the sentiment from earlier. The others quickly parted with you, shooting a few typical sentiments your way. ‘Take care. Be careful. Come back soon.’ the works.
Then, you bent your muscular legs before leaping high into the air as you flapped your wings hard. You were definitely right, it was far easier to fly like this now. It didn’t take long for you to realize that almost half of your flights were made with extra cargo, but now, it was far easier to maneuver through the air at incredible speeds. The wind blew all around you as you quickly ascended as high as you could before spreading your wings as wide as possible to catch the air and glide towards the massive pyramid.
You had to go high over the canopy before you were able to see the structure, when you did, you realized how large and amazing it looked. It didn’t seem like your normal average pyramid, something about it felt technologically advanced- almost modern as you approached it. You could see pulsating microchip-like tech designs running all through its hard brick surface. As you approached it, you also saw other smaller metal structures sticking upward from some of the sides.
The pyramid wasn’t one singular structure- it had many smaller more thinly designed pyramids at each of its corners where the metal antenna pointed upwards in all directions. You were absolutely shocked by the technological advancements that seemed to hide just within the stony surface. In an instant, you were completely enamored by what you had seen- you knew the others would be just as impressed by the apparently ancient tomb before you.
Leaning to the side, you swooped around to return to the clearing, taking note of a few taller, thicker, and oddly bending trees on your way back to formulate a solid report for the others. You were becoming better and better at navigating the more time you spent in this mysterious environment. There was something about the massive roots as they twisted above and below ground like massive pythons that kept pulling you back into the jungle’s mysterious depths.
“Hey everyone!” You called to the group, hovering half a tree length off the ground. “We have to go this way. It’s maybe a day’s walk if we pace ourselves.”
“We won’t dawdle for too long.” Beck replied. “But as long as you can scout ahead we should be in good standings by the time we’d need to rest again.
“Sure thing!” you agreed.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 27 December 2021

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