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You tried your best to remember every little twist and turn along the route they had to take. Surprisingly, it was a lot more effort than you initially anticipated. Still, this new body had far more endurance than your old. The way your wings spread out to catch the wind beneath them was something you could have never imagined before- now, you easily made it through the discomfort just to get another moment above the clouds.
For the next few hours, you made sure to report back to them every time you had a moment. You wondered if it was almost annoying to them but with the way they all slowly lumbered through the treacherous terrain caused you to worry whether they would make it there on time. Honestly, you could have flown loops around them- spanning back and forth from the pyramid to their original base about a hundred times over before they even reached the midpoint. Like you said, you were their guardian angel; you watched over them.
Suddenly, you saw something lurking through the forest ahead of them. It was some kind of feral tiger. It was far larger than any of the others on the team, and with their compromised condition, you realized that you only had moments to warn them before it would have made its move.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 28 December 2021

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