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The tigress would have protested, but as Pammy shoved them in her hands the memory of choosing and buying the boots came to Danielle.


She had worked hard for them, saved money for months to be able to buy it. She felt the leather in her hands, the scraps on it that told a dozen stories that just now she could remember.


Without even putting them, she knew the boots would fit perfectly.


“Yes…” Danielle staggered, lost in memories that she just now remembered.


The memories came easily, naturally as she seemed to follow the instincts of her new body.


Clothes chosen, Pammy helped her with the makeup, the first hesitant movements soon became steady and skilled, working with the practiced ease of someone that had been doing it for years.


Danielle paused as she looked at herself in the mirror. She felt lightheaded, the world had the quality of a dream. She looked sexy on her outfit, but more than that it just felt so natural, just another night out.


Already the heat of the day was starting to dissipate as the two of them walked out of the house silently. The summer was ending and the days were getting shorter. It would only be another couple of weeks before they started having more cold weather.


The tigress was lost in thought as they made their way down the street. It was a bit of a walk, but she was soon discovering her new body seemed to be in much better shape than her human body ever had been.
Danielle shivered in anticipation, despite the mostly warm air. She should have been terrified of going out like this, but all she felt was the thrill.


They reached the end of the street and looked off into the distance. After a few moments they saw a beat up old car coming down the road.


Pammy smiled. The car pulled up and David rolled down the window.


"Are you lost stranger?" Pammy asked.


"That depends,” David replied with a giggle. “I was looking for a pretty kitty and her tamer, you haven’t seen anything like that?"


Pammy grinned and opened the door. "Well then. It seems you've come to just the right place.”


Danielle shivered and got into the car.

Written by Ashley-natter on 14 February 2018

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