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After packing away your vegetables you decide to check out the back of your house. Over the last two days you heard the sound of chickens clucking, though the only chicken coops you’ve seen are further down the hill. Going out around to the back of your house you can’t help but not be surprised when you see a small chicken cook with almost a dozen chickens scratching around in it. You go around to the back of the nest boxes and reach in, finding ten eggs which you decided to come back for later. You remember seeing a wicker basket which will be useful in carrying the eggs. If only you’d thought of it before going shopping. You quickly feed and water your chickens and continue to explore the rest of your back yard.


Not far from your little chicken coop you come upon a neat herb garden made up of six rows of plants, each row being a different herb variety. Seeing the soil is a bit dry you peruse what plants you have while also giving them some water before picking some time thyme and a sprig of rosemary to liven up a pot roast you want to have for supper.


Back inside you go to your hearth and put a kettle of water over the fire to boil after adding two logs, thinking to make some tea and ponder the dilemma of hunting for your food. While the water boils you look out of the kitchen window over the town, trying to spot the reserve, scanning the lowest point of the town for a few minutes until you give up and brew some tea from leaves found in a small tea box. The sugar is next to it.


After your cup of tea you make your pot roast, almost leaving it to burn while you weigh what you consider to be a bit much, though you know you’ll run out of meat in two days and will have to get more on your own.

Written by green-eyedtiger on 25 July 2017

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