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The next day you dress in light green dress for your quest to find the reserve. You stop again at Nirelka’s vegetable shop for directions and upon following them you come upon the largest building you’ve yet to see in the town. No doubt all the space is processing and preserving rooms of some sort. After a few moments outside you work up the courage to venture inside and make a brief enquiry.


Within the building you find a simple voyeur and a crusty-looking male tiger anthro sitting behind a counter. You walk up to him and get his attention.


“Aye, missy, and how may I be of assistance on this fine spring day?” he asked with a raspy voice.


“Well, you see, I’m new to the town and am unaware of how this whole hunting reserve works,” you tell him in a shy voice, your eyes looking right at the ground.


“From a plushy town, aye?” he says with a nod but you hear no condescending tone in his voice. “You pay a small fee to enter the reserve, hunting some small game and some game birds or even a deer, depending on how many you need to feed, then you pay based on what you catch and for processing, should you want it done here.”


“I see… and if I want something I’d rather not catch?”


“Oh, I’m sure you can trade with a bigger family for some venison in exchange for a rabbit or some birds,” he replied off-handedly.


“I see… Thank you sir,” you say and bow your head instead of curtsey before bobbing one awkwardly in thanks and turning to leave.


On your way home you stop by your favourite bakery, grabbing a loaf of garlic and feta bread to incorporate into your lunch and supper. At home you again look at your dwindling meat supply and are slowly leaning towards hunting your own meat. You find yourself liking the idea more and more and it appals you to think of biting an animal to death. You decide that you’ll put it off for a while longer.

Written by green-eyedtiger on 29 July 2017

Wait until you out of meat

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